The Evengate

Session 13

The Pocket Tropic

The elf, slinking low, skirting the hedgerow, hurried back to the party. The intrepid adventurers huddled just past the gates of a large mansion.

The halfling spoke first, “Were they in there? Did you see the loot?”

“Oh they were in there,” Kellion replied, “I didn’t see any of the shit, but it was definately them,”

Augh scanned the estate grounds, plotting various entrances, “So should we just bust in? Mop ’em up?”

Kellion spit on the ground, “Well there’s a problem with that,”

“Oh yeah?”

“Maybe not a problem, just a goddamn complication. They’ve got a giant upstairs,”

Brok sneered, “Pfft, how big?”

“Big, alright. Big enough,” Kellion fished out a hip flask and took a hard pull off some cheap gin, “He was up there moping around on a bed twiddling his thumbs,”

“Did he, uhh,” the halfling thought aloud, “did he have a big, crooked nose and a few bald patches on the side of his head?”

“Yep, an’ looks stupider than dirt,”

“Oh, that’s him,” assured the halfling.

“Really? Same giant from the castle?” asked Augh.

“Gotta be,”

Augh stood up and glanced over at a second story window, “Well crap. You all wait here. I’ll go have a chat with him,”

As the orc crept off to the mansion, the little minotaur carefully watched the windows for movement, “So, when do you think we’ll have to rush in there?”

The dwarf scratched his chin, picking a few stones and clumps of mud out of his beard, “That giant’ll start kicking out walls and shouting. If the whole place doesn’t fall down, we charge in,”

“That was a joke, right?” brayed Dulan, “He was telling a joke. The building won’t collapse, right?”

From the building beyond, a great voice boomed, “OKAY NEW BEST FRIEND, LET’S GO!” Along with a loud crash and a cloud of billowing dust as the giant crashed about.

Torr tilted his helmet and started jogging to the mansion, “Dwarves don’t joke about giants, minotaur,”



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