Zuke Stormhollow

Human Invoker


STATS: 10 str 18 con 11 dex 11 int 16 wis 10 cha AC 16 HP 28 FEATS: Invoker-Ritual Caster Human-Distant Advantage Invoker-Covenant of Wrath-Armor of burning wrath POWERS: Bonus At will-Astral Wind Invoker at-will-Avenging Light Invoker at-will-Hand of Radiance Invoker encounter1-Lightning’s Revelation Invoker Daily1-Invocation of Ice and Fire HIGHEST SKILLS: endurance history intimidate religion ITEMS: Chainmail-MorningStar-Defiant Rod-Ashen Rod-10gp


Born during a great snowstorm in early spring under a full moon, it is believed that Stormhollow will bring great destruction to the enemies of his people. He was taken north by stewards to train in the art of destructive magic. Seeking to waylay the expectations of an omen shrouded birth, he escaped and braved the harsh winter where they could not follow. He now hides in motels and shantees in Northallow – bartering his abilities, concealing his identity, and befriending the local population.

Zuke Stormhollow

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