Baron Toats

Hapless, Put-Upon Baron who'd much rather go back to the monastery


Being the youngest son of a noble family, Beffield Toats didn’t have very many acceptable career options. He could have signed on with the King’s Army, become a scholar, or join a religious cloister. He was shy and small and didn’t much like to argue, so he thought a quiet life in fervant devotion to Moradin would be a good fit.

He was sent away at age 6 to study in a distant temple. He wasn’t there long. After a failed coup involving the death of his father and brothers, soldiers brought him back and named him the new Baron Amshire at age 10. He has tried his best to live up to his father’s imperious example, with mixed results.

Still, Northallow and the surrounding barony have had many years of relative peace and stability. Many look favorably on their quiet, thoughtful, young baron as he approaches his seventeenth year of reluctant rule.

He has never forgotten his training in service to the World-Forger. He has learned a number of simple crafts such as pottery and wood-carving. He practices in a small workshop tucked away in a high tower. His work is always simple, unadorned, and practical. He stacks piles of his cups, bowls, and carvings in closets and locks them up. He is quickly running out of room.

Baron Toats

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