Captain Ecklan

Brilliant, yet Stubborn Leader of the King's Light Hooves


Captain Ecklan Level 7 Elite Soldier (Leader)

Medium natural humanoid XP 600

Initiative 5 Senses Perception +4

HP 158; Bloodied 79

AC 23; Fortitude 22; Reflex 18; Will 21

Saving Throws +2

Speed 5

Action Points 1

m Greatsword (at-will; standard) • Weapon

13 vs AC; 2d6 + 5 damage and marked until the end of the commandant’s next turn

M Arching Slice (at-will; standard) • Weapon

Captain Ecklan makes two greatsword attacks, each against a different target within reach.; 2d6 + 5

M Designating Smite (recharge 5 6; standard) • Weapon

14 vs AC; 2d6 + 9 damage, and the target is marked until the end of Captain Ecklan’s next turn and slowed (save ends). In addition, while the creature is slowed due to this attack, Ecklan and all his allies gain a +1 power bonus to attack rolls and a +4 power bonus to damage rolls against that target

M Termination Order (encounter; immediate reaction, when an adjacent enemy becomes bloodied) • Weapon

Captain Ecklan immediately recharges designating smite (if necessary), and uses that power against the triggering enemy.

Alignment Any Languages Ghali, Dolic

Skills History +13, Intimidate +14

Str 20 (
8) Dex 11 (3) Wis 12 (4)

Con 15 (5) Int 16 (6) Cha 18 (+7)

Equipment Plate Armor, Greatsword


Ecklan’s parents were arrested as political prisoners when he was very young. He lived at the humble mercy of a group of kind priests of Pelor in a poor coastal town far to the south. Everyday, the priests would travel along the coast, caring for the sick, dispensing simple remedies and working small magics to ease suffering. With a large case of herbs and poultices strapped to his back, young Ecklan worked as their porter. The living was simple, but very rewarding. Ecklan saw himself dreamed of joining the priests himself when he grew older. That is, until he saw the smoke.

A small army of pirates hit a dozen villages simultaneously along the coast. Hundreds of murderous brigands raided and looted the countryside. They were organized under the banner of Cpt. Harrow, a powerful and dangerous pirate-lord. Rumor had it, Harrow was looking for sokme kind of hidden magic that would grant him a magical, floating castle. He was going to use the castle to establish a pirate kingdom that could steal from anywhere in the world. He was stopped, however, by a very quick and decisive counterattack from a detachment of Ghali skirmishers. The looters were rounded up and executed, the goods returned, and all prisoners rescued. Among the prisoners was a very terrified Ecklan.

His mentors, the priests, had been captured and put to work healing the brigands. Ecklan watched the men he had idolized for their kind wisdom ordered around like dogs and whipped by these filthy brutes. In stark contrast, the proud, stern bearing of the professional soldiers seemed all the more intoxicating. All things had their place. The kind priests needed strong soldiers to protect them, to ensure their work continues. Ecklan made a promise to himself: Never draw breath while villains triumph.

He signed on to The King’s Army as soon as he could, attacking his new life with a singular fanatiscm that both inspired and alienated his fellows. Scouting and skirmish work seemed to fit him very well, his superiors soon learned that Ecklan worked better the farther he was from the rest of the army. With a great deal of autonomy, he distinguished himself in the field dozens of times, running suicide raids against ogre tribes, training civilians in guerilla warfare, and stealing enemy provisions in lightning raids.

Such was his fervor, the king himself decorated Ecklan and gave him a battalion of 200 light horsemen at his command. The Ghali have known a decade of relative peace and prosperity larger thanks to Ecklan’s revolutionary tactics and his hand-picked, elite warriors.

Captain Ecklan

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