Sheriff Dabney Groat

Venerable leader of the Northallow Watch


There was this one time when Groat was a young patrolman, he found a half-naked man attacking and molesting an unwilling woman. Waving his cudgel, Groat charged the villain. After a quick scuffle, the rapist fled through the dark streets. The patrolman chased him halfway across the city, leaping barrels, scaling windows, across rooftops. Finally cornering the rogue at a deadend, Groat arrested him.

The rapist turned out to be the son of a wealthy merchant. The courts didn’t want to humiliate the merchant with a public trial, and so the rogue was released on bail and his trial delayed indefinitely. Groat personally went around town knocking on doors, telling his story to local politicos, pleading them to convict this miscreant before he left town with his father.

Under his relentless urging, the courts held the trial. The ravaged girl refused to testify. She had been paid off by the merchant. Due to lack of evidence, the villain was cleared of all charges. That was the last time Groat ever ran anyone down.

Now, nearly seventy years old, he runs the guard like the mafia. Law is found in a wallet, but Order only listens to the fist.

Sheriff Dabney Groat

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