Raeko Whitetower

Quick-Witted, High-Class, Eladrin Merchant


“Unbearable, blasted snow!,” he’s been heard to say, “There’s fortunes to be made out in the wastes and its all buried in the most inconvienient conditions,”

Among people who know about powerful families, the name Whitetower can raise eyebrows. A long line of wealthy, titled eladrin admirals and generals, Raeko’s family appear over and over in ballads and history books as mighty and honorable leaders. Mention any of this to Raeko, however, and he’ll just roll his eyes.

That’s the thing about growing up in a family of war heroes, its all they talk about. Its even worse for eladrin, with such a long lifespan. His uncle Galeau once led a cavalry charge, pinning an oni warlord against a cliff, forcing him to dissolve his monstrous horde at swordpoint. Galeau would come over every weekend and tell all the same stories over and over. Raeko was not allowed to leave the family estate until he turned one hundred years old.

One hundred years of the same, tired, old war stories made Raeko swear off any idea of nationalism, civic duty, or martial discipline. He makes a great deal of money traveling, trading, and sampling the bountiful fruits of creation, much to the disgust of his family.

Raeko Whitetower

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