Bamlin Addlesocks

Love-struck gnome gem merchant


Bamlin looks quite a bit younger than his years. Many mistake him for a human child when they first meet him. His eyes, though, speak volumes. Bamlin has traveled far and wide, earning and losing fortunes trading between the material world and the feywild.

As a child, he watched his family’s home burn in a morlock raid. He survived for years scavenging in the unforgiving wilderness of the Underdark. A caravan of dwarf traders took pity on the scrawny foundling and kept him on as a servant. Under their care, he discovered his passion and talent for gemcraft and geology.

He has an uncanny ability to spot value in rare materials. Recently, he has purchased a home in Gilded Hill. In his long life, he has never seen two consecutive seasons in the same place. He spends a great deal of time flitting between taverns in a mopey haze. The local gossip-circles often buzz about the odd little gnome that wanders around town in such obvious anguish.

In his long life, Bamlin Addlesocks had never known love.

Bamlin Addlesocks

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