The Smile

An unsettlingly calm and reserved priest of Tiamat living comfortably in the heart of Gilded Hill


If The Smile ever had another name, he’s never told anyone. He is fantastically wealthy and has a great deal of influence in local politics. He lives in The House of Numb Mercy and likes to watch sunsets from the third floor balcony. He loves to debate philosophy and theology. He often invites and entertains great scholars from all over the world to friendly discussion.

Like all devas, The Smile has lived a long time. Unlike other devas, he seems to retain his complete personality and memory with each rebirth. He has ‘vanished’ and returned to his home in Northallow at least a dozen times in recorded history. Each time he looks different, sometimes even switching genders, but always he reclaims his estate and holdings thanks to careful legal positioning and forethought.

Rumor has it, he’s set up his own circle of priests, like a cult, that hunt him down as he reincarnates to graft his old personality onto the new body.

The Smile

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