Piccolo Carulo

Devious, Dangerous Halfling Minister to the King


Piccolo has always been kind of a wunderkind. He was negotiating with remote tribes for exotic spices before he knew his first woman. He sailed to many strange, savage places. Chieftains who would not negotiate with the young merchant often met sudden accidents, and replacement chieftains were always so much more friendly.

His transition to court life could not have been more natural. Applying his ruthless business strategems to the bitter politics of Baenner, he found the humans could easily be plied with wealth. Turning one baron against another, turning son against father, turning rivals into desperate allies, the friends of House Carulo grew in strength and influence while the enemies slowly found themselves withering away. Soon, it became far too easy and practicle to join with the halfling’s interests than fight them.

Piccolo Carulo

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