Wilson Malon

Human Cleric of Moradin


Wilson Malon doesn’t remember his real parents… His mother died days after he was born and his father was killed less than a year later in a deep mining accident just 2 days after their arrival in the Dwarven enclave of Tharis-jaden.

The man’s name was Will and he was an accomplished engineer who was working for the dwarves, teaching them how to harness new hydrodynamic technology in their mining operations. Wilson was called by the Dwarves “Will’s son”. No one bothered to find out what his real name was after his father was crushed and his infant son given to the brothers of the order to raise. He simply needed to be taken care of and the house of Moradin was the only organization with the structure and resources to take on the responsibility.

In the monastery Wilson was mentored by brother Garl Kinstone Malon. He was a firm and knowledgeable teacher who Wilson grew to respect and love over the years of his teaching. He raised Wilson as his own child and taught him all that a Dwarf would need to survive in the world. He stressed the importance of faith, knowledge, fellowship and the expectations their God has for one of his son’s.

At the age of 19 Wilson started having dreams and hearing voices about the Northern plains and a temple to the Great Architect Moradin that must be built. He has left his deep home under the mountains to seek out the cause of his religious epiphany.

Wilson was brought up in the house of Moradin surrounded by Dwarves. He didn’t meet another human until he was 12, and before he set out on this journey he could count all the times he’d been above ground on his hands. He looks human but his mannerisms are all Dwarf. He is hot headed, doesn’t back down and he can drink like a fish. He speaks Dwarven better than he speaks Common, and he would rather be underground than under the sky.

Wilson didn’t inherit his father’s superior intellect, but he is a very faithful servant of his God. He has seen the awesome might of Moradin and the miracles that have been performed in his name. He feels that the world would be a much better place if the ones who did the work held the power and he feels like the agenda of his Order is a step in that direction.

Wilson is an a complished jewel cutter and goldsmith. He is fond of dogs, hearty food, strong ale and songs of great deeds. He has little patience for politics and doesn’t have the intellect for scholarly pursuits.

He is currently in a backwater town bordering the Northern Tundra. He is seeking funding to build a temple and workshop here and waiting for a sign from Moradin to determine his next course of action.

Wilson Malon

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