Character Creation

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Characters will generate stats using the ‘standard array’ or ‘22 point buy’ system as outlined in the PHB

I don’t really mind any of the official races, or even the playtest, Dragon Magazine, or MM races. I will, however expect storied justification for your character’s build. Not many Minotaurs or Wildens make it all the way up to Northallow; you should be able to tell me why your character did.

The classes are all fine too. I’m pretty flexible.

Please try to craft a name and personality that can fit comfortably in the story. Fartstabber McDangleBag or Sir Chuck Norris DickLaser will not be welcome in Northallow. I don’t mind colorful characers, though. Drok Rumblestink the dwarf, or Krud Bukket the grimey human rogue might serve well.

Begin at first level with 100 gold for equipment.

Pick background bonuses from PHB2 generic backgrounds

I may ask you take a look at additional, optional, setting-specific backgrounds for further bonuses.

I reserve the right to veto ANY character for ANY reason.

Character Creation

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