Discriminating Toniks

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A sturdy dwarf, named Glafti Stoneroll, with a singed beard and long-missing eyebrows runs this tiny shop. Despite his appearance, the residents of Gilded Hill have come to cherish the eccentric Glafti. His potions and curatives are well respected and appreciated.

For a few, trusted clients, Glafti is prepared to provide with unsavory devices and poisons. Not necessarily illegal in Northallow, but looked down upon, certainly.

Off the Shelf:
Potion of Resistance | 60gp
Potion of Healing | 70gp
Potion of Clarity (lvl 5) 70gp
Potion of Vigor | 200gp
Clearsense Powder (lvl 6) 90gp
Clear-Path Mist (lvl 8) 150gp
Beastbane (lvl 9) 360gp

Discriminating Toniks

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