Elegant Enchantment

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A pair of enterprising wizards, Pavel Wheen and Bonn Boluuf, make a healthy living in their modest shop smack in the middle of Gilded Hill. All of their items are made-to-order; they carry nothing in stock, save for a few popular reagents.

They pay scriveners and artists to create a gallery of sketches and scrolls depicting some of the enchanters’ finest works. Their office looks tasteful and elegant, with rich, maroon carpets and mahogany sofas. They like to entertain their favorite clients for hours, chatting and digging for juicy gossip.

Off the Shelf:
Custom magic items up to lvl 10 – listed price + 25%
Glassteel Shard – 125gp
Clay of Creation – 125gp
Vortex Stone – 150gp
Terror Ichor – 200gp

Elegant Enchantment

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