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Common Languages

Ghali – also known as trade common. The default language for the campaign.

Absi – The flowing, lyrical language of the people of Absal.

Dolic – The native tongue of Dolduun.

K’torn – The Savage Tribes share a common language, though each tribe has a distinct dialect. K’torn does not have a written component. Tribesmen usually write in Ghali if they need to.

Ulghur – The traditional language of the giants and dwarves.

Draconic – as written in the core books

Planar Languages

Dylliri – A high, elven tongue used by many Fey creatures.

Gith – A sort of creole dialect adapted from illithid telepathy by its early slaves. The Githyanki and Githzerai most commonly speak it.

Primordial – as written in the core books

Supernal – as written in the core books


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