Lima's Fyne Bakings

Lima’s is kind of a landmark in Wickerville. Built around an old druid monolith, This two-story shanty towers over most of its neighbors. During spring and summer, bees swarm in thick black clouds around the rafters, though no one ever gets stung.

The counter is run by a pleasant human named Treek. He is both head baker and caretaker for Lima. The bakery does quite well for itself. He likes to hire and train orphans to run the shop and bake many of the simpler orders. Treek was himself an orphan taken in by Lima a long time ago, before the sickness had taken her mind.

Lima is part of the attraction. A once beautiful elf, decades of tragic madness have dulled the sparkle of her eyes. Her skin is pocked and scarred from dozens of self-inflicted cuts and burns along her face and arms. She spends most of her time in a catatonic stupor in one of the back rooms. At least once a day, she wanders to the front to tend to the majestic gardens that dangle upside down from the roof in hanging pots. Rare herbs and strange plants flourish under Lima’s care. She harvests certain roots or leaves and mumbles cryptic instructions to Treek.

Rumors abound about the cause of Lima’s madness. Some say she was possessed by an evil spirit, or cursed by a devil. Some insist that she is a powerful druid and this madness is actually a stage of her enlightenment. Some suggest she is a wizard, and her stupor is just a ruse to hide from her enemies. Perhaps living too close to that monolith for so long has eroded her mind with primal energy. One or two have mentioned that Treek might have poisoned her to take control of the lucrative business.

Off the Shelf:
Sweetbun – 2cp
Harvest Loaf – 6cp
Rinberry Muffin – 2cp
Tingleroot Cookies (bag of 6) 3cp

Lima's Fyne Bakings

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