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Various cultures have differing opinions on prophetic methods. Educated, worldly people often have great contempt or disdain for hucksters and fortune tellers that work many city streets. In remote communities, however, the weight of augury can carry great power.

The Lexicon of T’hukto

One of the most famous prophets ever known, T’hukto was a hired by an eccentric old baron to compose a great tome of prophecy. Legend has it that T’hukto spent seven whole months locked in a room writing this one great book. Rumors circulate that he spent a great deal of time drinking the wood alcohol normally used to clean his ink quills. The book, known as The Lexicon of T’hukto is less a book of predictions, and more an alphabet of possibility. Every winter, a circle of sages gather to consult astrological charts to determine which of the various prophecies are valid for the upcoming year.

The following prophecies have been selected from the lexicon to apply to this year:
Prophecy of Dragon
Prophecy of Stone and Faith
Prophecy of Coin
Prophecy of Metal
Prophecy of Dream


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