Rastur's Blades

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A towering, one-legged shifter runs this smithy next to his humble shack. Rastur is proud and bitter. He still misses the wide, wild plains and the thrill of the hunt. He begrudges the bandits that attacked him for a mere dozen pelts and a few coins. The injury to his leg festered in the field and had to be removed to spare his life. He forged a steel peg to help him get about, but still needs a crutch when he makes the rare decision to leave his stall. He has a young urchin named Ramp run most errands for him.

Though he runs a smithy, Rastur is also an accomplished woodworker. He has a special love for rare lumbers such as ironwood or deepbark. Bows, cudgels, or staves made of these materials are specially light, sturdy, and deadly.

Off the shelf: Any conventional weapon listed in the PHB sold at list price

Rastur's Blades

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