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A dimly lit shack leans against a small, heavy, brick enclosure. A chipped, yellow sign lies propped against the wall of the shack. It reads, “SOLUTIONS by FINN

Finn keeps himself busy as the go-to guy for cheap alchemy in the East Break. He’s completely self-taught and rather good at improvising components and materials. His products, often crudely effective, are used as traps or weapons by many of the thieves and low-lives that infest the district.

Finn likes adventurers and mercenaries. They tend to buy in bulk and pay with actual coin. He goes out of his way to secure their business. He often offers discounts to clients who would be willing to track down rare ingredients and exotic alchemical texts.

Off the Shelf:
Alchemist Acid (lvl 1) 30gp
Alchemist Fire (lvl 1) 30gp
Antivenom (lvl 1) 30gp
Tanglefoot Bag (lvl 2) 37gp
Blinding Bomb (lvl 3) 45gp
Bloodstinger Poison (lvl 3) 45gp
Dragonfire Tar (lvl 3) 45gp
Slow-Step Oil (lvl 3) 45gp

Finn can also make other mixtures upon special commission. He can also design any throwable mixture as a trap instead.

Solutions by Finn

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