The Army of Rats


Two men lean on their halberds, squinting in the torchlight, trying to watch the dim tunnels. A constant clatter of metal on brick sets up a numbing ringing in their heads.

“This is the worst”

“I know, right? The hell are we doing down here?”

“Yeah, like we couldn’t watch the workers from topside”

“Yeah, there’s so much to steal down here in the sewers. Hey, maybe they’ll steal some dinner”

“Ugh, gross”

“Hey, they’re bobbing fer apples”

“God, cut it out, Jeph”

“Uh oh, tonight’s special is Peanut Surprise!”

The clatter stops for a moment. A hollow shouts roll down the tunnels, echoing.

“The hell was that?”

“Should we…”

“I’m staying right here”

Footsteps from the tunnel, and a dragging noise. A shadow flickers into view as someone approaches.

“Hey, who goes there?”

The figure moves into the light, another guardsmen, shuffling his feet and dragging his weapon lazily behind.

“Naldo? What’s going on down there? You okay?”

The guards gasp as Naldo turns to look at them. One of his eyes has been gnawed out. In the hollow socket sits a curious little rat staring out like the captain of a ship. In a pained, wheezing voice, he replys.

“Okay? We are not okay, my sweetness, my sugar. We are hungry”


Vermin in Pott’s Field are acting odd. Like someone’s organizing them. Which is crazy of course, right?

The Army of Rats

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