The Evengate

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A old, heavy, stone wall closes off the narrow pass threading bewteen the two giant mountains to the north. A ceremonial structure, the wall opens with a pair of wide painted wooden gates; they have been replaced dozens of times over the years.

As the story goes, a great hairy beast-god awoke in the north, storming south, though the pass. The great hero, Dologh, pushed his wooden shield against the creatures face and held him in check for three days until his clansmen could climb to the top of Mt. Dael and Mt. Gholchuck and roll boulders onto the beast, burying him save for his great, gnashing head. Dologh dropped his shield and took his knife, plunging it into the beast’s neck to slay it.

The Evengate was built in his honor hundreds of years ago and still used today as the centerpiece of the popular holiday, ‘Feast of Dologh’.

The Evengate

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