The Mountains

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Tall and nearly impassable, Mt. Dael and Mt. Gholchuck stand to the north of Northallow. They are so named from two legendary giants who fell asleep as the world was born and awoke half-buried in stone. Many superstitious Northallens burn tributes to the giants before journeying through the pass.

Mining companies have tried for years to set up successful operations to access the mountains’ rich iron and copper deposits. Inevitably, the mountains’ hostile weather, terrain, or inhabitants have turned away every attempt.

Many small tribes of goblin occupy the pocked interiors here. Scattered and half-starving, they cling to life in the mountains with the most rigid and blind stubborness. The tribes have, for the most part, proven too difficult to root out, and too hostile to trade with. The offical policy from Amshire is to ignore and avoid when possible.

The Mountains

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