The Mudders

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A cult of degenerate humans. Their existence is a bit of a mystery to scholars across the world. No one is sure how or why Mudder cults spring up and sometimes even thrive with such a completely self-destructive philosophy.

As far as anyone has been able to gather, Mudders worship some kind of primal spirit. This nameless entity hates not just intelligence, but all forms of sentience. Practitioners often mutilate themselves, performing some kind of self-lobotomy with mallets and knives. Little is known about the practices of the Mudders because few of them long remember how to speak.

Despite the filth and horror in which these mad savages choose to live, they often form a rudimentary social structure. The oldest and most powerful of these tribes sometimes channel a form of divine magic, not unlike that of druids or shamans. Still, even these leaders are as blindly incoherent as the rest of the pathetic, gibbering beasts.

Mudders often forgoe clothing and never bathe on purpose. The name ‘Mudder’ is a nickname coined years ago by a studious wizard, Patho Mulg, who attempted to use scrying devices to follow and comprehend the Mudder phenomenon.

The Mudders

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