Local Organized Crime

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Billy Blue makes a very fine living by keeping things tidy. A bit of a necessary evil, he makes sure that the wrong people never find their way into the right neighborhoods, the right stores never get hit, and troublemakers often just… vanish.

His immediate gang, The Knucklemen, is regarded as the biggest in The Break, but Billy’s influence spreads much farther than his men. Billy’s real skill lies in his people skills, his contacts, his connections. Billy acts as a fixer for much of the criminal element in Northallow. If there’s a hit or a heist going down within city limits, Billy set it up and expects his cut.

Too many people owe him too many favors. Too many people make too much money with him. He has ensured his own survival by making sure he was too valuable to kill.

Crime isn’t exactly organized in Northallow, but watching Billy work, it doesn’t look it.

Local Organized Crime

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