Sweet Nothings


In eclipsing darkness, you hear a calm voice, “How are you feeling today?”
“I can’t do this. I can’t do it,”
“Why do you say that?”
“Look, I just can’t do it, it’s too much,”
“So speaks the sparrow-chick when it first looks over the edge of the nest,”
“You don’t know what its like in my head,”
“Tell me,”
“Its like a wind blowing around with fangs and razors,”
“Tell me,”
“Its a fucking hurricane in my head,”
“And what does it tell you? What does it want?”
“It wants me to change. To transform,”
“And what does it tell you?”
“It tells me that the blood of the world is mine to drink, the flesh is mine to burn,”
“And so it is. And so it will be,”


A killer is on the loose. He’s been targeting local whores. Clues point toward a secret, arcane organization. The deaths may serve a more sinister purpose.

Sweet Nothings

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