The Ghali

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Boisterous, gregarious, greedy. The Ghali are not painted in flattering colors in taverns across the world. Their coins, however, are always happily accepted. Ghalic enclaves and traders are a common site in any city near a road or port.

The average Ghal is obssesed with commerce and economy. Simple accounting theory and economic discussion are commonly worked into weekly worship ceremonies in most Ghalic churches. Having no real public education system, every child is expected to pass an oral exam before they can legally begin apprenticeship. Even lowly, illiterate bootblacks can recite foreign currency exchange rates and discuss exotic market price fluctuation.

Jewellery is very popular with men and women. Wealthy merchants and nobles tend to display gaudy excess, dozens of necklaces, rings on each finger, and a jangling row of bracelets. Earrings are common, though other facial piercings are frowned upon, as are facial hair and tatoos.

So pervasive is the Ghalic mercantile culture that their native language has come to be known as “Trade Common” or “Common Tongue”. Few business holders can affored not to learn this language when dealing with exports or imports.

Most Ghali are humans, but most races have been welcomed at one time or another to the sprawling market cities. Many have long since taken up permanent residence and call themselves Ghal. Halflings, Dwarves, Elves, Eladrin, Dragonborn are common sites. Some of the northern, border towns also host Goblins, Gnomes, and Shifters.

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The Ghali

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